Tuesday, 25 October 2016

7th Day in Portugal

This was our last full day in Portugal and it was dedicated to relaxing and enjoying ourselves. First item on our schedule was shopping. We were taken to a mall and were given 3 hours to freely run around the stores and shop to our harts content. After we finished shopping we were taken to the beach. It was absolutely stunning! The beach was beautiful and even sun began to shine after a full week of rain. We were again given free time to roam around the beach, take photos, etc. Me and Aljaž went to get some coffee at a cafe located on the beach took some pictures and enjoyed the sun.

After a relaxing day came the final dinner, which the Slovenian students left early because we needed to pack our thing due to us leaving at 3.00 AM. We went to sleep at about 2.00 AM when we were sure we didn't forget anything.

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