Friday, 21 October 2016

5th Day in Portugal

Day 5

Todays day started a little bit early, because we had to be on the train at 5.40. The train took us to Porto. In Porto we had to wait for the second train, which took us to Regu. From Porto to Regu was 2 hours long ride.  In Regu we had to wait 2 hours and that is why we went to the river museum. We liked the museum mostly because there was a lot of wine. At 12.00 o'clock the boat trip started. On the boat we had: lunch, beautiful view and some sunshine. We rode through two dams. Because the trip was long we talked to the Czech girls and played cards with the professors, Tjaša lost, she was the looser. The trip was long 6 hours. And when it ended we went through Porto to the train station. The train took us back to the hotel, where we went to dinner and to bed. We are ready for new adventures that will come tomorrow, but for now good night.


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