Sunday, 16 October 2016

1st day of Portugal

So this is the first part of our daily blog .... Our day started a little over 7.00 AM when we started to board our plane to Frankfurt. The flight was an hour and a half long but it came by quickly. So after a short wait we boarded the flight from Frankfurt to Porto, Portugal. After a smooth 2 and a half hour flight we arrived at Porto, got our luggage and we were on our way to Guimarães by bus. After about 30 minutes we arrived at our hotel. 

I was quite impressed that we got a 4 star hotel so I give that a big plus on my end. When we checked in, we were given the afternoon off so we could get some rest after the flights because most of us were up from 3 AM. At about 14.00 PM (GMT +0) we the students set out for lunch with the escort of 2 teachers. We found a pizza place with amazing ambience so we decided to eat there. The meal was quite expensive but if you take into account that there were seven people the price is relatively normal.

After the visit to the pizza place we returned to the hotel and enjoyed our free time with some quality time and music. Then we were informed that other partners from Erasmus began to arrive and we had dinner together at a local restaurant. Not much if any connection were made between us but its our first day and I'm sure that's going to improve. After the finished dinner we yet again returned to our rooms at the hotel which brings us to the conclusion of this day and this post... 

Plans for tonight's evening: 
1. get a nice hot shower 
2. have a little get together with students from our school to get to know each other 
3. get a good nights sleep ... Good night!

Rok Pristavec

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