Wednesday, 19 October 2016

4th Day in Portugal

We started the day with breakfast and then we went to a museum about the iron and the bronze age. The name of the museum was Citânia de Briteiros. It was represented in two parts - one part was inside and the second one was outside. In the interior part of the museum lived a man named Francisco Martins De Gouveia, who  found a city 2km away from his home. And he was the first Portuguese man who did photography. In the outside part we saw the city. Then we went to Sameiro church, which is very big. In front of the church was a big and nice garden with giant statues. We had a lovely view of the city OF Braga.

At Bom Jesus we saw a garden and some statues, again. And we had a beautiful view of Braga, again. Then we went with a water escelator from Bom Jesus to a lower point on the hill. We were very excited because we though we would ride about 10 minutes but the ride was only a minute long. And that is why we waited for the rain for about 30 minutes. And because after the rain there comes always sunshine, we got our sun after lunch. And don't let me start on the lunch. It was so good. We went to Braga. It is a beautiful city with a lot of churches, which are everywhere, historical buildings, nice and interesting streets, parks and stores with mostly clothes. I really liked Braga because it seems like some kind of mixture of Ljubljana and Piran. 

When it got dark we went back to the hotel and to dinner. After a long day we were very tired and we went to bed as soon as possible because tomorrow will be a very long day and we have to get up early, at 4:30.

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