Tuesday, 18 October 2016

3rd Day in Portugal

3rd day in Guimäraes, 18.7.2016
The day started at about 7:30 when we woke up to go to breakfast.
Our bus to Fermentões departured at 9:20 where we took a look at a local school.
 The school system is quite different from ours, and so are the teachers and the students. The teachers are quite more strict during class, but far more relatable and calm during brakes, visits and conversations. The students are quite a bit louder and outgoing than most of my colleagues, and are quite keen on meeting new people helping them and cooperating.

Some Erasmus+ partners (all, but excluding the Czech republic) had presentations, in which they introduced themselves and their previous cooperations with Erasmus. For the most part, the schools had a introduction video made up of photos and occasionally text. Not bragging, but our school had a pretty nice and well executed PowerPoint presentation with a quiz and gifts.

Later, after we were done with the introductions we had lunch at the school,'s cafeteria. .

After lunch we had some time off to relax, or meet new people and get a tour around the school. We visited a couple of classrooms and had a talk with a few teachers. The classrooms aren't too modern, but have a projector and a computer, but the tables and seats are at least a decade old. The teachers enjoy a good conversation and give good tips to students and visitors alike.

Afterwards we had an hour and a half of sports activities, but some chose to sit and socialize with others instead. We had a chance to shoot bows, play football but most sticked to socializing.

Later we went to the hotel where we could write the blog(naturally I didn't) or go to sleep. We had to meet at 8:40 to go to dinner to Fermentões, and it was worth the drive.

We end our day here, tired and we can't wait to go to sleep. The day was awesome and we, as a team learnt a lot.