Monday, 24 October 2016

6th Day in Portugal

It's already day 6 and today we are going on a trip to Porto. So at 10.00 AM we leave out hotel fully rested and awaiting new adventures. When we arrived our first destination was the World of Discoveries museum. There was a nice greeting at the start then we set out on a guided tour of it but there was a twist, they have a boat ride that takes you around the museum. The tour lasted for about 40 minutes.

When we got out we had free time so we could look around the town and eat lunch. While we were wondering around Porto we found a nice little bar where we ate lunch. While we were sited we debated about what kind of vibe the town has. So then we paid for the meal and went to our meeting point. We met up with other students and teachers. Our teaches had better lunch than us so I envy them a little bit.

Next up was the wine cellar. The presentation and the staff were on point and then the wine tasting commenced (for everyone above 18 ....sadly) but nonetheless we could buy wine to bring home for our families. When we finished things at the wine cellar we went back to the hotel. 

Tonight was the night with the "Expensive" dinner. When I entered the room I was amazed. Several bottles of red & white wine were waiting for us, fish pates inside crab shells, etc. I was stunned when the main course came out... it was like heaven. So our main course consisted of steaks and boiled potatoes and squid tentacles with onions and fries. After everyone finished their meal we started to give out gifts to other schools and to our hosts. At the end, we ate cake with our flags on them. Bottom line it was fancy.