Friday, 12 May 2017

Erasmus+ TWLUWS; Czech republic; DAY 5

Friday, MAY 12 2017

We started today, Friday, with breakfast at 7:30am as usual, and then with a departure at 8:30am. We had a long drive a head of us. 3 hours to be exact! But since it was early we more or less all fall asleep while listening to our music.

We arrived to South Bohemia; Češky Krumlov at around 12:00am and first had lunch. The food was good and the restaurant was in the very heart of the city centre. The atmosphere was great.

After lunch we got some free time; we could either go up to the castle or look around the town. It was truly beautiful and magnificent. This town, Češky Krumlov is a part of the World Cultural Heritage and we really saw why. The town was small but filled with beautiful archaic buildings, narrow streets and beautiful small shops.

One of the favourite parts of the city for me was a small garden/viewing point. You could see the whole city and castle from it and it was so beautiful and breath-taking.
Visiting this place was truly an amazing experience. After spending about 3 hours there, we got back to our busses and drove for another 30minutes to get to the Village Holašovice.

Village Holašovice is also a part of the World Cultural Heritage. When we arrived, Jan explained that the village was build in the 13th century. The houses were built in the barok style. Why its so interesting is, because the main reason they were build was for farmers to ‘show off’ and compete who had more money. Around the 16th century almost all of them died and since then it has been a special place. Today it has only 140 people living there.
Village Holašovice is so beautiful and special, because every house was more or less the same, but at the same time it had so many little details that made them original and different from the others.

After that, we head back to Pilsen, had dinner and went for a short walk around the city before going to bed.
photos by Lara Komac