Thursday, 11 May 2017

Erasmus+ TWLUWS; Czech republic; DAY 4

Thursday, MAY 11 2017

We started today with breakfast at 8:00am and departure from the hotel at 9:20am from the hotel. We drove to Prague.

The drive took us less than an hour; at least that’s how it felt, because the road was nice and it went by quickly! When we arrived we walked to the Prague castle where our short tour around the city started. All the way trough the city Jan, the Czech coordinator have us some information and interesting facts about the places we saw. The Prague castle is located on “Mala Strana”.

Slovenia's team in from of the Prague castle.

Next, we walked to the city. We walked over the marvellous Charles bridge. We then stopped at the Old Town Square, we heard that when the architect build the Church on that square he was blinded, so he couldn’t ever make another church like that. Than we had lunch.

After our lunch we got our free time. We of course first decided to try the ‘Trdelnik’. It is a sweet dish/pastry. One of the most popular ones in Prague! It was delicious. Then we made a few stops in some of the souvenir shops, Starbucks, Hard Rock Caffee and also just enjoyed the city.

Charles bridge

We went back to Pilsen around 17:00 and had dinner at 19:30. After dinner we went for a short walk around the city before going back to the hotel, because the weather was really nice and warm today trought the whole day!

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