Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Erasmus+ TWLUWS; Czech republic; DAY 3

Wednesday, MAY 10 2017

We started today at the same time as yesterday, with breakfast at the hotel at 7:30. At 8:30am we left the hotel and took our mini-bus to the SZŠ a VOŠZ.
When we arrived, we first went into a big classroom where we were welcomed by the headmistress of the school. We also watched a short introductional video from Turkey, Italy and we prepared a short quiz about Slovenia. When the meeting was over, we had a short coffee break.

After the coffee break, we listened to a few check students who sang and played the quitar for us. It was relly nice! After that, we had our lunch and after the lunch we head back to the school where we started with the tour around the school. At lunch we made some new friends from the other countries.

First, we visited the Dental hygiene class. It was very interesting and fun because we got a model teeth and they tought us how to clean them properly with actuall tools used in dental hygiene offices.
Then, we went to the social work class, where a few students introduced their job and prepared a few short games for us.
Next was Jeremy. He is a Fulbright assistant teacher at their school. He shortly explained the Fulbright project and answered some of our questions. He was really nice and we were all so happy, because we got a chance to meet him!
And last, but not least we had our first aid class. There were 3 students who first showed us a video on how to give a proper CPR. Then, they showed us again on the dolls and then also some of us tried giving the CPR.

After than we head back to the hotel and had some free time. Me, Lara and Eva went to the Plaza mall, to look at the shops. After the short shopping we went back to the hotel and got ready for our dinner.
At tonights dinner we recieved our certificates. Also, the Italian team performed a traditional dance from their region; the Tarantela. It was really interesting, because we also tried to learn it.

Now we are slowly getting ready for bed, since tomorrow we are going to the capital city, Prague!

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