Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Erasmus+ TWLUWS; Czech republic; DAY 1&2

We started our jouney yesterday, Monday 8th of May at 5:45am. We loaded out mini bus with our luggage and hit the road. We drove for around 10 hours. The bus ride wasn't too long, and it went by quite quckly. We traveled from Slovenia, to Austria, Germany and finally Czech republic!
Upon arriving we got settle in the hotel, which is locate less than 10 minutes from the city, and after that we walked to the city centre and looked around the city centre. We than went back and went to bed since we were quite tired from the early morning and drive.
Here is a blog from the first day, filmed and edited by us:


Today is Tuesday, 9th of May, our secod but first official Erasmus+ TWLUWS day!
We started it with a breakfast at our hotel and than with a walk to the city centre, where we had our official tour around the city. But it wasn't the usual tour, we got a special task; we got a few papers that had pictures of important buildings, and our task was to take our own picture and than later post it in the official facebook group of this project. Each country got a Czech student guide who helped us find the buildings. We took the pictures and found out a lot of new information! After the tour was over, we got a few quiz questions about the sights we visited.

Slovenian team with Czech students/our 'guides' for the day!

And a quick story behind this photo:
as I mentioned, we got pictures with sights/important buildings and then got more information on it. We got more information about all of the sights but one; the lady on the building behind us. Our task was to think of a story and explain why she is there; we came up with some really good stories but in the end the official tour guide told us that there is actually no real meaning behind the lady statue.

After that, we walked to the Pilsen Synagogue. It is the 2nd largest Synagogue in Europe and 3rd largest Synagogue in the world. The guided tour was very interesting, we found out a lot of information about the history behind it aswell as information about its state today. When the tour was over, we had lunch.

After lunch we arrived to the City council where the city councils welcomed us and gave us a presentation about Pilsen and the Czech school system. It is quite similar to ours.

When the presentation was over, we head back to the centre where we walked up the Pilsen Tower. There were many stairs and we were all very tired on the top, but the view was worth it! Than we went back down, got a guided tour around the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.
After that we got a few hours of free time, and we spend that time editing pictures and the vlog.

At 19:00 we had our dinner and after that we head back to the hotel, where we watched Eurovision and got ready for bed!

Vlog from day 2:

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