Sunday, 9 April 2017


DAY 4, 16. 03. 2017
Join the party and tell us about yourself

Thursday started at 8:00am. Every country arrived to the ┼ápanski Borci Cultural centre to see and be a part of our school's event. Each country had a chance to show a talent, or just present their city but also they were there to enjoy what our students had prepared for them. 

When the show started we all sat in the audience, and when each country was called to go on stage they went up and showed us what they prepared. The program was really interesting and showed us various talents and little ideas each country had. 

Italian students sang a song. 

Check Republic made a quiz about their language and city and gave out small rewards. 

Turkey showed and taught us one of their traditional dances, and towards the end we all got a chance to join them and dance with them. 

Polish students taught us the Polonaise. That was really fun!

Of course, we also had some of our own performance;  one group of students that go to our school break danced on stage, two of our students sang and played the guitar and much more. We all left the centre happy!
After the performances we went to lunch and than head back to our school. There, the coordinators had a meeting, and for the students we prepared some fun workshops. 

While all of that was going on on the third floor of our school, me and a couple of more students we're preparing our school's studio for the interviews! 

We prepared a couple of questions for our guests; students and teachers and interviewed them. This was a really different, but fun and positive experience for everyone!
When we wrapped up the shooting of the interviews we went back to the hotel, to get ready for the farewell dinner.

The dinner started at 7pm. The restaurant was filled with Erasmus+ students and teachers, coordinators and it was wonderful! We had live music playing, good food to keep give us energy and a lot of laughs. 

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