Saturday, 1 April 2017

DAY 2, TUESDAY 14. 03. 2017

Feel the pulse on Ljubljana

Feel the pulse of Ljubljana

We started this Tuesday at 9:30am. We all meet at the Prešern's square(Prešernov trg). Each country came by foot with their guide; a student from our school. When our tour guide had arrived, the Erasmus plus family started the Ljubljana city sightseeing tour. Each student also got a worksheet that had questions about Slovenia on it. 

The first stop/explanation was the at the Prešern square. We heard a little something about France Prešeren and the history behind the statue. We than crossed the Butcher' bridge, walked past the food market and stopped at the Ljubljana cathedral. We than proceded the sight seeing tour on the streets of our beautiful capital city, Ljubljana and to our luck, good and sunny weather followed us the whole day. We also made stops at the town hall, the Cobbler's bridge and many more.

After the tour was over, our guide walked with us to the Union Brewery museum. First, we all sat down and watched a short introductional movie about the brewery and it's history. After the intereting film, we split in two groups and we were showed the more detailed history of the brewery and also visited the museum. The tour lasted about an hour, and after that the Erasmus plus team enjoyed a lunch at Union brewery's own restaurant. We all enjoyed it!

Next stop was the Cekin Mansion- National Museum of Contemporary History. The museum was very interesting for all of us, since the guide was very interesting in what she was telling us. When the tour was over, we all met at Tivoli's (a park in Ljubljana) 

Bowling center and participated in a bowling tournament. 

We all had a lot of fun! When the tournament was over, the guests headed over to their hotel, relax for a little while and then finished off the day with a dinner at Vodnikov's hram.

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