Sunday, 9 April 2017


DAY 5, 17. 03. 107
Petovia, the oldest city in Slovenia
Friday! Usually, we would be happy that we are close to the weekend but in this case we were not too happy, since we only have 1 day left. But that did not stop us from having a great Friday!

We started the day at 7:45am with a drive to Šempeter, where we had a small guided tour of the Roman necropolis. The tour was short and brief but we heard and learned about the main things. After that we head back to our bus and drove to Ptuj. Ptuj is Slovenias oldest city. In Ptuj the bus dropped us off right below the castle and then we walked up to the Ptuj castle. 

We got split in two groups and started the tour. First we went to the Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož, where we got a close look at the history of Ptuj's carneval masks. Ptuj is one of Slovenia's most famous cities and has the biggest history. We even got a chance to try on a Kurent's mask. Kurent is our most known mask for the carneval season. When the tour of the museum was over, we head over the the castle and got a guided tour arund it. It was really interesting to see the inside of it, because all of the furniture was original, historical. The inside was beautiful. 

When this tour was over, we walked from the castle to the city, where we got about 40 minutes of free time for shopping or a quick coffee break. Then the bus came to pick us up and dropped us off at a nearby restaurant where we had lunch.
After the lunch we drove off to Celje, a beautiful city. 

We walked around the city and visited Celje's castle. The castle stands on three hills to the southeast of Celje, where river Savinja manders into the Laško valley. 
After that we head back to Ljubljana. But on the way there, we stopped at Trojane. Trojane has Slovenias most famous donuts. After the donut stop, we hit the road back to Ljubljana, where we had free time to nap, shop and get ready for the dinner.

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