Sunday, 9 April 2017


DAY 3, 15. 03. 2017
The Caves and Military History

We started this pleasant, sunny Wednesday at 8:30. The bus was waiting for us in front of the hotel, so as soon as all the countries were there, we found empty seats on the bus and the journey had started. We had a fun, history filled day ahead of us. Our first stop was the Postojna cave. Upon arriving, we all got our tickets, took some group pictures in front of the cave and then went inside.

When we entered the cave, the guide told us to take sits on the train, because the train will first take us for a short ride into the cave. The train ride was very interesting and exciting. At one point we got off the train and started with the guided tour around the cave. We saw the oldest stalactite in the cave, the beautiful interior of the cave and at the end the famous Human Fish(Človeška ribica). 

At the end of the tour we took the train again to exit the cave. After that we had lunch at the Brilijant restaurant next to the Postojna cave.
Since our tickets included a tour around the Predjama Castle, that was our next stop. Predjama castle(Predjamski grad) is a Renaissance castle build within a cave. When we started with the guided tour, the guide first showed us 4 coat of arms; they were all from different families, different owners of the castle. 

He briefly explained the history of each family. He also mentioned the story about Erazem of Predjama, which was appropriate since we were there thanks to an Erasmus+ project. We all enjoyed the legend. Than we walked around the castle, saw the different rooms and heard many interesting things. When the tour was over, there was a performance waiting for us. The Medieval reenactment group Order of the Royal Eagle prepared a very interesting and fun performance for us. 

They first showed us the weapons used back in the time, and after that we experience a couple small, inspired by the medieval times battles. The reenactment group did a great job, they were dressed appropriately and we even saw a little blood in one of the battles, but it wasn't anything serious!

When the battles were over, they prepared a little contest for us aswell! We got split into different groups; every country was a group, so there were 5 groups. Our job was to choose one student and put the medieval fixture on him. 

The first country to put all the accesories on the student first in the right order would win. And the game started. 

This was really funny and fun for all of us. Portugal won.

When that was over, we returned the accesories and head back to our bus. Our next and final stop was the guided tour of the Park of Military History in Pivka. The tour was really interesting, and what was exciting is, that the guide used to be a student at our school. We saw many things imporant for the formation of Slovenia. When that was over he hit the road and drove back to Ljubljana.

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