Monday, 11 January 2016

Ancient City of Tlos

The ancient city of Tlos stands on the high parts of Fethiye till this very day. While it is mostly rubble, it's still a wonderous sight to behold and the view from the top of it is unbelievable. It was founded on the western slopes of the mountains in Fethiye and it served as an outlook or a defensive point, overlooking the Eastern Valley – hence why the view is amazing. In Greek mythology, legends say that the city was founded by Tloos, who was one of the 4 sons of Tremilus and Praksidike, therefore earning the name ''Tlos.''.

             1. First sight after stepping out of the bus.

The trip there was quite long, but once we got there, it certainly was a tremendous thing. It was amazing to see something so historical and old in person and it holds a much deeper meaning than to see it's image in a book or on the internet.  

2. Little tourists climbing the giant city

    I was actually surprised by the fact that it wasn't guarded or anything. There was just a sign that said ''Open from 8:00 to 20:00. Entrance past the deadline is strictly forbidden.''. Yet, there was literally nothing to defend it, it's just there.

3. Weak gates but better than nothing.

 However there were some parts which were surrounded by wires which were off limits, but they were still something to see.
While me and my friends walked around the ancient city, we encountered some sheep and some ram who were there just eating the grass, but weren't bothered by us humans – even though one ram scared Barbara who ran behind me.

4. Can't sleep, rams will eat me.

As mentioned before, the view from the top of it is excellent and by seeing it, it was obvious why this place served as a defensive point. You can see very far away, but the height is frightening.
Unfortunately, because of it's rough state we couldn't explore the ''interior'' of it, since everything basically collapsed as time went on. But we could still see some leftovers of the rooms and other places and the great amount of details carved onto the pillars and walls can not be unnoticed. 

5. Even 12 year old kids can climb these, that's how easy they are to climb on.

In my opinion, old buildings always fascinated me more than today's buildings which are just boring cubes stuck together. Back in their time, they certainly knew how to create amazing buildings with great detail as well as some ''roofs'', which I do not understand how they managed to do that with pure stone.

6. So much detail – respect given.

 It might sound rough climbing these things, but it certainly isn't if I somehow managed.
It also looks amazing from the distance, when you see some buildings built into walls of cliffs and cliff edges. As mentioned before – how they managed this, I don't know, but it's amazing.

7. Aww, the lion fights are already over.

            Needless to say, these were great sights and has a very distinct Roman/Greek feel about it, which can be seen by the structure and the details – which don't look very Turkish. I would highly recommend these sights, especially if anyone is interested in the history of Amphiteateres or historical findings in general. While it isn't quite in it's original beauty as it was some millenia ago, it's still a wonderful sight to remember.

Nika Podbevšek, 1. E

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